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think about buying quality mattresses

We get it– mattresses can be expensive! When you are looking at mattresses, it can be easy to look at the price tag and feel apprehensive about spending that kind of money for something that you aren’t even awake for the majority of the time you are using it. However, here at Brawley Furniture, we would strongly encourage you to think about buying quality mattresses instead of whichever one is the least expensive, for several reasons, but these are just a few of them.

  • Lasts longer. When you have a quality mattress, you can go to sleep at night easily for years, knowing that your mattress will be consistently comfortable.
  • Better investment. A quality mattress is more comfortable, will help you sleep better, and is going to last you for years longer than a poor-quality mattress. There also will be fewer issues with lumps, sagging and a general decline of comfort.
  • Better for your health. A good night’s sleep is one of the best things that you can do for your health! Sleep is where your body restores itself, repairs minor damages, and preps for the next day. People who don’t get enough sleep are obviously tired, can suffer from brain fog, and are even more prone to gain weight since the chemicals that help us feel full are suppressed when we are tired, making us more likely to overeat.
  • More enjoyable. Imagine if you couldn’t wait to crawl into your heaven of a bed every night rather than simply tolerate the lumps and squeaks!

If you are looking for great mattresses to choose from, come test out our mattresses here at Brawley Furniture today.