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create the best bedroom furniture look

A bedroom is a place where one should feel the most comfortable and secure. It should be a peaceful and relaxing haven from the rest of the world! If your bedroom feels more like a hodge-podge of mass-produced furniture and hand-me-downs rather than the relaxing oasis it should be, we want to help you here at Brawley Furniture to create the best bedroom furniture look for you.

Even though many styles of bedroom furniture come in coordinating sets, there are no hard and fast rules that say you are only allowed to choose bedroom furniture that matches! Instead of choosing matching bedroom furniture from a pre-coordinated set, try looking at the basics of the bedroom furniture like overall shape, style and colors and choosing elements that you enjoy from these pieces. For example, finding a bedframe that you like and a dresser that you like that both come in the same color family would be a fun way to showcase your personal style.

Another thing that you need to focus on when coordinating your bedroom and bedroom furniture is the scale and size of your furniture. If you try to force a large and impressive-looking bedroom set into an average-sized room, your room will feel small and cramped. Using light, airy neutrals with punches of colors you love can help to make any small room feel comfortable, open and inviting.

To check out our bedroom furniture at Brawley Furniture, please come stop by today. We would love to give you some ideas we know you’ll enjoy.